Zombie Apocalypse

What started out as a genius idea to solve one of the most deadly diseases in the world, lung cancer, turned out to be bigger than the monster it tried to destroy. Some time in the early 21st century, New York-based company, Supreme Pharmaceutical, developed the Respiratory Malignant Tumor Cure (RMTC), a cure-all for lung cancer. Millions of people diagnosed with lung cancer used RMTC, and while the drug  proved successful in its early stages in eradicating the cancer, there were some rather unpleasant side effects. After 31 days of RMTC’s release, users became noticeably ill: they had pale skin, the inability to speak, and an infectious cough. Due to the airborne nature of the virus, the number of people experiencing these symptoms grew exponentially, turning the miracle cure into a pandemic. To prevent widespread panic, authorities assured the population that everything was under control and that scientists were on the verge of developing an antidote that would reverse the side effects of RMTC. Unfortunately, they were too late. By Day 38, the infected began to crave human flesh and the scientists were themselves infected. The world fell into chaos. Those not infected realized that the zombies were not the only enemy, but other survivors who killed each other for the scarce resources available.

After six months of the disease running rampant, most of civilization has been destroyed.  Your group of survivors have been together for a month, set up in a small farm outside San Bernardino, California. Because you are situated in California, you do not have access to many firearms (strict gun control laws) nor much water (arid climate). However, you make do and most have managed to equip themselves with makeshift weapons. Currently, your group plans to consolidate its position at the farm and to survive the expected onslaught of both the living and the dead. Does your group have what it takes to survive?