Crisis Matrix

1. Pablo
Pablo is 30 years old. He lost a lot of his friends in the apocalypse, but is still optimistic that he and the others will survive.
Occupation: Police Officer
Skills: Intelligence, strength, speed, critical thinking skills, tactical skills, communication skills, efficient with firearms, efficient when working alone and in a team
Weaknesses: Prosthetic Arm
Morals: Looks after all those who show him respect and loyalty.
2. Franco
Franco was formerly a marine in his thirties who was discharged for his post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, with losing his entire family in the apocalypse, his mental stress has only gotten worse. He is still able to function with the others, but his disability still haunts him at times.
Occupation: Ex-Marine
Skills: Expert in six different fighting styles, expert gunsman, tactical thinking skills, stealth, can make quick decisions in times of crisis
Weaknesses: Suffers from severe mental trauma (PTSD).
Morals: Loose morals due to the loss of his family.
3. Thomas
Thomas is a man in his sixties with a strong belief in God. Even in the times of the zombie apocalypse, he finds it difficult to harm those who have the disease, and if ever in a situation where he would have to kill another person, he is afraid he can not do it.
Occupation: Reverend
Skills: Giving motivational speeches, forming strong bonds in the community, communication with others
Weaknesses: Being at an old age, and his moralities he struggles in physical confrontations
Morals: Believes in doing what is right, does not believe in physical confrontations and harming others (pacifist).
4. Tyrone
Tyrone is an accountant fresh out of university who had just landed an internship at a large accounting firm. During this crisis, he has broken his arm and is not the best for physical tasks, but is extremely helpful for tasks revolving his mind.
Occupation: Accountant
Skills: Critical thinking skills, high intelligence ,analytical, efficient in mathematics, organizational
Weaknesses: Low strength, poor eyesight, broken arm
Morals: Values trust in others over all.
5. Britta
Britta is a female psychologist in her early forties. Being able to analyze people easily, she can form connections with the others in her group. However, she panics when having to deal with a situation and having little time to come up with a solution.
Occupation: Psychologist
Skills: Efficient in problem-solving, communication, numeracy, strength
Weaknesses: panics in crisis
Morals: in times of crisis she tries to help all those she can in any way possible no matter the difficulty
6. Biff
Biff is a senior in high school. He is somewhat of a rebel, not having the best family life before the apocalypse. He is the one of the most physically fit in the group, but is poor at listening to others.
Occupation: High School Student
Skills: endurance, strength, speed, agility, stealth
Weaknesses: low intelligence, selfish, fails to take directions
Morals: Only looks out for himself.l
7. Leia
Leia is a senior high school. She wishes to become a doctor so she is efficient when having to deal with anyone who is injured. When there’s an situation regarding a topic besides health, she is reluctant to voice her opinion.
Occupation: High School Student
Skills: Patient care, high intelligence, problem-solving, First Aid training, efficient in taking care of others medically
Weaknesses: feels uncomfortable around strangers and when sharing her ideas
Morals: Believes in taking care of others before herself.
8. “Doc”
“Doc” is a retired scientist in his seventies who believes he is above everyone else. He lost all those he cared about in the apocalypse, except for his grandson, Mharti. In this time of crisis, he only looks out for himself and grandson and is only staying in this group until it no longer benefits him. He does not perform tasks unless it is absolutely necessary for him to do so.
Occupation: Retired
Skills: Extremely high intelligence, efficient in robotics, science, mathematics, engineering, problem-solving, high strength
Weaknesses: lazy, selfish, alcoholism, only cares about his grandson
Morals: Does not care for the safety of others except for the few people he cares about.
9. Mharti
Mharti is the 14 year old grandson of Doc and is a junior in high school. While in the group, he tries to do the best he can to help and will stop at nothing to protect those he cares about despite his weaknesses.
Occupation: High school student
Skills: communication skills,  efficient in robotics
Weaknesses: overall low intelligence, weak physics attributes, easily panics in crisis
Morals: unlike his grandfather he has a large heart and tries to care for everyone who is with him during the apocalypse
10. Chloe
Chloe is a hacker in her twenties who never has had a family to call her own. He has only ever trusted a handful of people, but lost them all in the apocalypse. She is only in this group as she knows it is her safest bet. However in a crisis event she would most likely not stick her neck out for someone else.
Occupation: Unemployed
Skills: extremely efficient with computer software, efficient navigational skills, efficient in physical confrontation as she is trained in mix martial arts
Weaknesses: poor communication skills, poor eyesight (needs glasses as she is farsighted)
Morals: looks out for all those who she trusts
11. Clementine
Clementine is a 8 year old girl. She has adapted fairly quickly to the apocalypse, but she still has a lot to learn.
Occupation: N/A
Skills: Agile, loyal
Weaknesses: Weak, indecisive, childish
Morals: Cares about those who are kind and show her compassion
12. Herschel
Herschel was a judge in New York, NY before moving to California with his wife. He is currently in his fifties. He is extremely kind to everyone and looks out for every single person in the group.
Occupation: Judge
Skills: Able to make decisions and can easily settle an argument. Despite age, still is strong physical confrontations being 6’4”.
Weaknesses: Snapping-Hip Syndrome
Morals: strongly believes in the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do onto you”
13. Lilly
Lilly is a kindergarten teacher in her fifties. She is happily married to Herschel. Even though her and Herschel have been married for 34 years, their behaviour in the apocalypse is completely different. She only looks out for her and her husband and takes an opportunity to benefit herself and anyone else in the group she is close with.
Occupation: Teacher
Skills: Organizational skills, critical thinking skills, intelligence, artistic skills, persuading others to do certain tasks,
Weaknesses: weak in a physical sense with lack of strength and endurance
Morals: loose morals in this time of crisis
14. Hugo
Hugo was born outside of America and now in his twenties moved to there to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist. He moved to America only a month before the crisis began. He is completely in shock over the events that have taken place and is struggling to cope with the apocalypse
Occupation: Journalist
Skills: Great at scouting location, doing research, has a great knowledge for survival in desperate times
Weaknesses: his mental state at the moment
Morals: tries to protect those he can, but if faced with a challenge will most likely back away
15. Kumhal
Kumhal, a man in his twenties, before the apocalypse was training to become an Olympic Archer. He puts his skills to use to help fend off hordes of zombies and hunting to catch food for the group. Works well with others and takes direction very easily. Will not stop until a task is completed.
Occupation: Athlete
Skills: Excellent hunter and marksman, works well with others, excellent physical attributes overall
Weaknesses: Limited Equipment (Only 1 bow)
Morals: Willing to protects those in need no matter the cost.
16. Everett
Everett taught at University of California, Los Angeles until he found his wife cheating on him with another man. Upon this discovery, Everett fought the man which resulted in his arrest. On Day 38, he was being transported to “Chino” (California Institution for Men). During the transfer, the officer driving Everett turned, leading to the car crashing. Everett successfully escaped the crash and found some of the other survivors a few days later.
Occupation: Chemical Engineering Professor
Skills: Strong communicator, Strong leader, Extremely intelligent
Weaknesses: Indecisive at times, Unpredictable
Morals: Determinant.